Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Critical Review #7: Marshall

In this blog description and analysis of reggaeton, Marshall spends a lot of time discussing and analyzing what makes the reggaeton sound distinct. According to him, reggaeton is digital music, and it can be distinguished by the sound of the snare and the "pluck" instrument, recognizable from Fruity Loops. He questions if the fact that this music is produced in a "toylike" program like FL makes the music more or less legitimate. He also explains about the history of reggeaton, and how although it kind of originated from spanish reggae and rap, it is not just a spanish version of those two genres. This is proven by the new english versions of reggaeton, that even though they are in english, it is still recognizable as reggaeton. This means that this genre has developed it own sound.

Do you think that the fact that there is a very distinct reggaeton rythm that is repeated in basically every song in the genre makes the genre less acceptable or good? Can you think of any other genres that use the exact same rhythm (or some sort of musical element) patter in their music?

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