Monday, April 20, 2009

Critical Review #8: Wald

In "Polka Contrabandista," Wald discusses the rise of Mexican corridos both in the north of Mexico and south of the United States, and explains how and why thy are important to both of these societies. Los Tigres del Norte, a band that rose up by singing about the lives of "narcotraficantes" or drug dealers, sing a type of Mexican folk song, the narcocorrido. According to Wald, these songs serve both as a voice and a newspaper for the proletariat, as it talks about issues that happen in their lives while also creating tales and myths about this culture. The rise of this type of music also calls upon a newer appreciation to Mexican culture, which combines both European and American influences

Why do you think corridos, although almost specific to mexican culture, have become popular in other Latin American cultures that don't share the same culture? Or do you think that there are other aspects of Latin American culture in these songs that allow for the adoption of this music everywhere?

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